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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our REST API. To get access to all information about our interface, you need to be registered and logged in.

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What is REST?

REST = “Represental State Transfer” is a software architectural style especially for web services. It is an alternative to, for example, SOAP and RPC. The main difference is that URL’s in REST identify resources instead of functions.
Data is transmitted via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol which is available almost everywhere. A client can query, create or delete resources on a server. This is done by specifying a HTTP verb as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE (the most popular ones) and the resource.
Every REST message is stateless. That means that a message contains all information needed for processing.

What is Swagger and OpenAPI?

Swagger is an open source framework to document and work with OpenAPI documentation. It can also be used to generate code. OpenAPI is a standard for describing REST compliant api interfaces.


    The Swagger editor can help to visualize and develop OpenApi specifications.
  • Postman
    Can be used to test api calls against servers.


  • It uses the http protocol which is available in almost every infrastructure
  • HTTPS encryption can be used
  • Less overhead than SOAP
  • Synchronous calls with result codes possible in contrast to file transfer